Dax’s Lessons from the Bush

No doubt, 1100 kilometres is a long way to travel for five days, and – if you're lucky – one good look at a moose. And so, when a man comes tantalizingly close to a good shot, but doesn't quite get it, it can inspire some reflection....

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An Autumn Adventure

On a cloudless Friday last month, Dax set out for five days of moose-hunting in Kashabowie, which is just northwest of Thunder Bay. The journey from Toronto – about 1100 kilometres – was Dax's longest as PIC (Pilot in...

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Dax Wilkinson: Sharpshooter

The MilCun Training Centre, at the MilCun Marksmanship Complex, is mecca for aspiring sharpshooters. Run by veterans of the competitive shooting circuit, Capt. Keith A. Cunningham and Linda K. Miller, the verdant, 700-acre facility offers...

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Meeting Mr. Branson

Above, esteemed entrepreneur and business icon Dax Wilkinson poses beside some hippie. Just kidding. Dax recently had the opportunity to meet Sir Richard Branson at a fundraiser in Toronto for Branson's Virgin Unite charity. The fellows...

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