Azerbaijan Adventures

Late in 2016 my old friend Gilles Bolduc invited me to join his party on an adventure in the Caucus mountains of Azerbaijan. The goal was to hike these steep mountains to possibly see and harvest a large, old elusive Dagestan...

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spring in the north channel

The day the ice leaves the North Channel of Lake Huron signals the start of camp season for us. The coastwatch website has daily pictures that, provided there aren't too many clouds, give us daily...

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ski-planes on ice

Three dogs, four ski-planes, a frozen lake and some snowshoes sum up our trek north a few weeks ago for the Red Canoe film shoot. It's not usually -15 in Northern Ontario this time of year but we like ski-doos, snowy bbqs, and the...

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Trek to 100% Island on Lake Kukagami

The Gauthier camp on Kukagami sits proudly on '100% Island' so called because of the fishing hole off it's west side. Built by my father in law Douglas back in the early 70's the place is a tidy miniature of Aird Island where my family...

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Family Arctic Adventure

  July 30 to August 6 the Wilkinson family joined Brett  on an unforgettable trip to the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Dax and Brett flew the C-182 Amphib C-FLLO from Toronto and joined the wives and kids in...

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A Visit to Sandbanks Provincial Park

Sandbanks Provincial Park on Lake Ontario is home to the world's largest freshwater sand bar and dune system. Eager to explore, Dax and the family headed out for a quick day trip in the 182. It's about a 3 hour drive from Toronto and...

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