Dax’s Lessons from the Bush


No doubt, 1100 kilometres is a long way to travel for five days, and – if you’re lucky – one good look at a moose. And so, when a man comes tantalizingly close to a good shot, but doesn’t quite get it, it can inspire some reflection. So it did for Dax, who spotted a monster of a moose as it turned and started to run away.

Dax may not have come home with much to show, he did learn three important lessons:

1. Don’t glass the far terrain before you look at the area close to you.

2. Make sure your scope is at minimum power and go up from there. Mine was zoomed in, set to look far away, so by the time I saw the moose, which was closer to me, it was too late.

3. If you can’t get a shot that will do the trick, then don’t take it. No matter how much you hear about it back at camp, you should never regret it!

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