Red Canoe on Your TV


Last month, we were thrilled to see George Stroumboulopoulos wearing a Black Canoe Canada Field Cardigan on “The Hour.” Since then, it seems that Strombo has expanded his Red Canoe wardrobe; last week, he wore a black Canada Field Cardigan as he interviewed Canada’s favourite auctioneer, gold medallist Jon Montgomery.

Montgomery, as you might recall, is not only the nation’s most golden skeleton racer; he’s also a big fan of Red Canoe, having acquired his camel Canada Field Cardigan at our flagship shop in Whistler during the Olympics. It should have come as no great surprise, then, that Montgomery also decided to rock his favourite Canadian-designed sweater for his appearance on “The Hour.”

And so, an unplanned double Field Sweater moment occurred, and Red Canoe television history was made.

Visit to watch the interview.

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