ski-planes on ice

Three dogs, four ski-planes, a frozen lake and some snowshoes sum up our trek north a few weeks ago for the Red Canoe film shoot. It’s not usually -15 in Northern Ontario this time of year but we like ski-doos, snowy bbqs, and the crackling sound of small, laughing boys practicing their back-country aim on a crisp wintery day.

Several pilots joined us in their beautiful, 50s and 60s era bush-planes: a Cessna 180, Cessna 185, Husky and Piper PA 12 replica. One of the purposes of the trip was to clear deadwood from the island and burn it off. James Arthurs shot film the whole weekend. Patrick Egan and his colleague Dave French added the aerial view by shooting from GoPro cameras mounted to drones.

We snowshoed across the lake with only minor concerns about falling through the ice (rare but it does happen); in the evenings we warmed up around the wood-fired stove while our sparkling host, Doug, serenaded the crew with a gorgeous vintage pump organ. All outdoor photographs (with exception to campfire) by Andrew Soule. All other images by James Arthur.

Lake Kukagami DaxLake Kukagami FinnLake Kukagami MealLake Kugagami OrganLake Kukagami FireFinn with RifleLake Kukugami Cessna180