Spring Break for Pilots – 2011

Dax and David ventured south for the opening event of the airshow season.  “Spring Break for Pilots,” as Sun N Fun has become known, certainly provided lots of excitement.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t the Pilots Gone Wild type of excitement the guys had hoped for…  A massive storm front ripped through the field, tossing anything not bolted down – Including aircraft.

While the fellas took shelter in a nearby tent (loving their prudent decision to fly commercial) around 50 airplanes were destroyed.

A brand new amphib Husky casualty.  Tragic.

While their experience in the tent was harrowing, Dax and David could only thank their lucky stars they hadn’t chosen one of the many upturned porta-potties as shelter.  Some flipped onto their front doors, making escape from the stinking receptacles next to impossible….

Dax, concerned with flying debris, makes use of whatever is available to ensure survival…

Undeterred, the fantastic Sun N Fun team worked through the night and the show opened first thing Friday morning.  Finally, the Sun returned (the Fun followed directly.)


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