The Mighty Avro Lancaster

Dave Reith, of Langley, BC, recently sent us some photos from the Abbotsford International Airshow, where the Avro Lancaster stole the show.


“This Lancaster, owned by the Canadian Warplane Herritage Museum, is one of two remaining Lancasters still able to fly (the other is owned by the Queen, I think) and was by far the most popular attraction at this year’s show both on the ground and in the air,” Dave writes. ” High praise considering the Snowbirds and USAF Thunderbirds were also in attendance.”imgp8301

“Pictured here is my dad, Capt. Jim Reith (at the controls) and Capt. Andy Dobson. Both are former CF-101 pilots and current Air Canada pilots. Andy is one of the privileged few Lancaster drivers. While you’d think there’d be a lineup of pilots offering to fly the Lancaster, few are actually willing. Apparently, full-power taxi and take-off roll with four RR-Merlin engines in a nose-high attitude is such a raw and terrifying experience, most guys don’t get past the first check-ride!”

To thank Dave for his letter, we’re sending him a Red Canoe Avro Aircraft cap!

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