The World’s Most Beautiful Axe

Earlier this month, Dax visited David in New York for some brotherly love – and a series of meetings and appointments. A highlight of the trip, no doubt, was the visit to the studios of the Best Made Company, where Canadian native Peter Buchanan-Smith puts the finishing touches what could be the world’s finest axes: Hand-forged and hand-tempered in Maine by one of America’s oldest axe makers, there’s no doubt these axes live up to the Best Made name.


Best Made Axes are known for their colourful handles, which Peter paints in the studio. Here, a small batch dries.


Peter takes Dax through the finer points of axe craftsmanship.


Above, Dax gets a good look at Best Made’s “The National” axe, which celebrates Team Canada’s gold medal win in hockey by marking the date and time of Crosby’s goal, and an “87,” for Crosby, of course.


David, Peter, axe.


Dax tries on the handsome – and handy – leather axe carrying case.

Below, check out part five of Best Made’s very cool video series, CHOP.

CHOP No. 5 from Peter Buchanan-Smith on Vimeo.

Check out the rest of the CHOP series here.

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