Trek to 100% Island on Lake Kukagami

The Gauthier camp on Kukagami sits proudly on ‘100% Island’ so called because of the fishing hole off it’s west side. Built by my father in law Douglas back in the early 70’s the place is a tidy miniature of Aird Island where my family spent our summers growing up. Our mutual love of northern island life has been huge inspiration for my wife Kirsten and I.
The Kukagami camp is insulated and has a great ‘Findlay Oval’ cook stove that thoroughly warms the place up.
We make annual winter pilgrimages to the camp when things start to warm up. Skis, skates or a kick sled help depending on the conditions.
On this day the temperature soared and we walked home through 4 inches of slush and water. Fortunately we’re never short of good boots, gloves, wool and down gear for whatever adventure we’re embarking on while soaking up our favourite Canadian experiences.





DSC03037This spring we will be burning brush piles accumulated in clearing the forest of deadwood this fall! I can hardly wait. If conditions are right flying could be an option as my master bush pilot friend demonstrates below.