Family Arctic Adventure


DHC3-T ride

deHavilland Otter small load DHC3-T Margaux

July 30 to August 6 the Wilkinson family joined Brett  on an unforgettable trip to the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Dax and Brett flew the C-182 Amphib C-FLLO from Toronto and joined the wives and kids in Yellowknife.

The route took about 16 hours of flying time to get to Yellowknife via: Sault Ste Marie, Pickle Lake, Thompson and Stony Rapids. Brett flew IFR to the Sault after work on Thursday the 28th where the local hospitality was spectacular. (Pay a visit to “Smokey’s” Thursdays for a unique Northern Outdoor Night Club experience!). Friday the 29th we left early and made it all the way to Yellowknife.

Sault to Yellowknife in one day

A great week of flying, fishing, shore lunches, hiking, arctic art projects, scavenger hunts, fine dining (!) and much ‘Hangar Door Open’ time with some of Canada’s most experienced pilots: Max Ward and Dave Crerar.

Margaux first Pike Redrock floatplanes

Hangar Door Open FLLO Margaux

A day trip to Kugluktuk (Coppermine) from our base on Redrock Lake was a highlight. Avgas in barrels can be had at the airport there for a remarkably good price. Bring your own pump and chamois or funnel with water filter..NB.

Margaux in Kugluktuk Kugluktuk swimmer

Margaux meets new friends in Kugluktuk. The sea was full of fresh water from the Coppermine river as the wind was blowing from the North East. This made for good swimming for some!

Arctic Art Brett provides the Grayling shore lunch

Dax Wilkinson and another great Pilot Mentor Dave Crerar. Ever see a DHC2 Beaver wing for a bar? We had the pleasure of staying in the Metcalf’s B and B housed in the old CP Air Base. The bar remains from the old days. Look for the B and B across the road from the legendary Wildcat Cafe which is being reconstructed (Gasp!) and wasn’t erected let alone operating when we were there.

Margaux was employed to rescue Madeline the doll from vicious pirates on the mountain. She got some good advice on dead reckoning from a Master! An interesting sign in Kugluktuk reminds all not to mess with winter up there..

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