True North, Part 4: The Journey Home

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been recounting Dax’s journey from Sudbury to Yellowknife – and beyond. Here, the final leg of the journey. (If you missed the other installments of this tale, catch up now with parts one, two and three.)


Dax and co. set up to put into Landing Lake as they arrive to Churchill, Manitoba. The name is a touch misleading; the lake isn’t all that great for landing, thanks to shallow waters and ample rocks, but the fellows rose to the challenge. There were not, thankfully, any Beluga whales in the way – though the white beasts are a fairly common sight in this neck of the woods.


The horseflies were biting – like crazy – but you know what stung the most? Paying $3-plus a litre for gas at this tiny waterfront stop in Churchill.


Here, the history of Churchill’s Prince of Wales Fort in 21 words (and four numbers): 1717: Hudson’s Bay Company builds it (in trading post form). 1782: With 22 manning the fort, the French conquer peacefully. 1783: HBC gets it back.


Pickle Lake was once a robust hub of bush plane activity; its waters were often buzzing with float planes, heading north with supplies. But things have quieted down in recent years – hence this dock’s shabby state of affairs.


From Pickle Lake, the fellows made a quick stop in Geraldton. And then, finally, home.

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