Dax Wilkinson: Sharpshooter

The MilCun Training Centre, at the MilCun Marksmanship Complex, is mecca for aspiring sharpshooters. Run by veterans of the competitive shooting circuit, Capt. Keith A. Cunningham and Linda K. Miller, the verdant, 700-acre facility offers everything from introductory training for new hunters to high-level “mental marksmanship” courses for snipers.

Dax headed to Haliburton (about two hours northeast of Toronto), along with Jimmy, Geoff and Walter Benic, for some practice in advance of their moose hunting expedition.


Dax arrived with a solid knowledge of the first lesson of the shooting range: Always be ready (to have your photo taken).


Here, Dax takes aim with his whitetail deer gun –  a Tikka T3, 7MM-08.


The key to sharpshooting success is focus, a keen eye, steady hands – and a great cap.


We rest our case.

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