An Autumn Adventure


On a cloudless Friday last month, Dax set out for five days of moose-hunting in Kashabowie, which is just northwest of Thunder Bay. The journey from Toronto – about 1100 kilometres – was Dax’s longest as PIC (Pilot in Command).

Along with his pal Geoff Benic, Dax made a stop in Elliot Lake to refuel the plane – and then Marathon, to refuel the pilot (above). From there, the fellows flew over the northern edge of Lake Superior (perhaps right over the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald!), past Thunder Bay, to Kashabowie Lodge, where they landed. They hopped into a truck that Geoff’s brother, Jimmy, and his father, Walter, had left waiting, and off to camp they went.


Every epic adventure begins with an epic list.


The great, great outdoors.


Above, what Dax calls “my perfect moose heaven spot.” It was near here that he spotted a giant bull moose – running in the opposite direction. In spite of his most enthusiastic moose-heckling, Dax couldn’t get a clear shot.


Spotting moose is tough. The foxes however, were everywhere.

A pack of timber wolves, as seen through the ocular of Dax’s binocs.


Back at camp.


At the end of the day, Dax consoles Walter, who narrowly missed a small bull earlier. A shot of grappa will numb that pain!


What would a hunting camp be without some D-I-Y satellite TV?


The sun sets. Tomorrow is a new day. Tune back in this week as we recount the rest of the trip.

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