Red Canoe’s New Home!

After many late nights, and many early mornings, we finally put the finishing touches on our brand new showroom last week. Here, a photographic tour of the new digs.


Above, our new custom-built mirror is flanked by Black Canoe Gentleman’s Upland Blazers and camel Canada Field Cardigans. Hanging above it are three European-mounted whitetail bucks, shot by Dax over three consecutive years.


Our new USAC applique T-shirts rest on some vintage Greek Line shipping crates. (The crates have still got stickers on them from their last voyage – from Southampton to Halifax.) To the right, a sample of our forthcoming North American Aviation shoulder bag, which will be available as part of our Boeing collection in September.


The silk-screened posters here were a gift from our wonderful friends at The Production Kitchen. They depict all sorts of stunning vintage images from the archives of Lake Kukigami. Some of these limited edition prints will soon be available from Red Canoe. Stay tuned for details.


We’ve just begun collecting old tripping packs for a secret project that we’ve got in the works. Please let us know if you’ve got any old tripping packs that we can take off your hands. We are open to barter for RC gear!


Where others see old shipping crates, we see a coffee table. And where others see a WWII footlocker with markers of its journey to and from Europe, we see a great side table. Draped over the couch, one of our RCMP blankets.


A closeup of that WWII footlocker, which David found in Chicago. The decorations are the handiwork of the locker’s original owner.


Our cap display rack was originally a locker at a swimming club: Each basket is numbered and lockable. Hanging to the right is a shot from the 2008 sportsman’s fly-in at Aird Island, featuring Dax, David, their friend Peter Dozzi, and Abby, Dax’s Blue Picardy Spaniel.


What do fashion magazines, old speakeasies, iconic Canadiana, family photos and Harrison Ford have in common? They all occupy important spots on our inspiration board.


The view from the street. Bye-bye Best Bargain!



This is it folks: Where the magic happens. The store is officially open to the public on Thursdays and Fridays, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., and by appointment on other days. Pop by to say hello soon!

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