Inside the Boeing Archives

David and Dax’s visit to the Boeing factory also included a tour of the 94-year-old company’s archives. As you’d expect, they found endless inspiration. Here are few of their favourite discoveries. (To see some of the greatest finds, however, you’ll have to wait till the clothes and bags come out.)


New for 2011: Red Canoe flight suits? Hmm…


The Big Boeing theory: Boeing’s original logo, circa 1917.


When Boeing merged with Rockwell International, they got North American Aviation, along with that company’s archives. Here’s a logo from the company that gave the world the P-51 Mustang fighter, the B-25 Mitchell bomber, the T-6 Texan (aka the Harvard) and the F-86 Sabre jet fighter – not to mention the Space Shuttle orbiter.



Above, a flight manual for the B-25H –  a twin-engine bomber plane, which was introduced in 1941, and which was named for Billy Mitchell, the man many call the father of the U.S. Air Force.


Devoted Red Canoers will recognize this ancient Canadian Postal Office sack: It inspired a cap we did a little while back.




Who’d have thought that there were so many cool ways to write one word? We are all very excited about the possibilities with Boeing, and we couldn’t ask for a better resource than these storied archives. Stay tuned for previews of the stuff we’re developing, and perhaps special deals for readers of the blog!

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